3 Questions to Ask an Accident Lawyer


If you have decided to hire an attorney to help you with an accident case, there are a number of questions you should ask to know what to expect. All attorneys may have passed the bar examinations but not all of them will suit your case. Here are some questions you can ask to determine whether you are about to hire the right lawyer:


i) What area have you specialized in?


The law field is wide and lawyers from http://www.siegfriedandjensen.com/practice-areas/auto-accidents may be specialized in different areas. For instance, you will come across lawyers specialized in personal injury cases such as slip and fall injuries, divorce cases, children's rights, and so on. The best attorney to hire for your case is one that has worked on accident cases in the past. These attorneys know the local accident laws and how they relate to your situation.


While a general attorney can help you with your case, the amount that you will end up winning will be significantly lower than what an accident lawyer can get you. This is why it's best to hire a specialized attorney. View http://personal-injury-lawyers.wikia.com/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyers_Wiki to learn more about these professionals.


ii) How will communication be done?


Find out from the lawyer how the two of you will be communicating with regards to the case. There are some instances where you may need to be present but most of the time, the attorney will handle everything on your behalf. It's important for the lawyer to advise you on the options you have and the progress of your case over time. Some lawyers will meet with you face-to-face for updates while others may call or email. Choose an attorney that is flexible with the mode of communication.


iii) How will you charge me?


There are a number of charges you may be liable to pay when you hire a lawyer. To begin, some attorney will offer you a free initial consultation but charge you for subsequent ones. The consultation fees are usually charged on an hourly basis. More information may be found on this website concerning these professionals.


Coming to the attorney fees, you will not be charged upfront, unlike is the case with what other lawyers do. Accident lawyers work on a contingency basis and therefore only request for payment when you have been awarded compensation. The amount you will pay will vary depending on your state. However, most lawyers charge between 25% and 40% of the settlement you are awarded.


The above are some of the questions you should ask to find the right lawyer to hire for your case.